Distant Galaxies

Distant Galaxies 1.2

Space Invaders with more baddies


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Lots of baddies to contend with
  • Some neat power-ups
  • Customizable controls


  • Not so hot in the graphics department
  • Tiny menu text

Very good

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the game of Space Invaders was born and dropped to Earth to satisfy gamers everywhere for years. The game mutated over time though and has now spawned many copies that have invaded scores of devices.

Distant Galaxies is only a distant cousin of Space Invaders and is probably related to Galaxian somewhere along the line too. With breeding like this it's difficult to fail, and Distant Galaxies proves that the old alien blasting format still has a place in the 21st Century.

It may not be rich with 3D graphics, cool explosion effects, or a thumping techno soundtrack, but neither were its predecessors and they didn't do badly did they? What you get here is a fast-paced shooter with more aliens and obstacles than you can shake a lightbsaber at.

There are some tough final bosses to contendwith, but you can pick up loads of cool power-ups along the way to help you conquer them. What's more, the introduction of an online Hall of Fame only serves to make you stay on Distant Galaxies even longer in an effort to become World champion.

The in-game controls are simple enough and can be customized to whatever keys you choose, although you may need to get your magnifying glass out to do so, because the menu text is ultra small.

If you're up for a bit of no-nonsense retro arcade fun, Distant Galaxies is the perfect download.

Distant Galaxies is a classic space shooter for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. This game tries to follow the same philosophy of old classic games such as Galaxian and Space Invaders, but adding more enemies, final bosses, extra weapons and the ability to upload your score and share it with the rest of users in the World Ranking.

I tried to keep this game far from other space shooters for PDAs where you can only see bullets, 3D effects and all kind of stuff in the screen that makes playability very complicated. This game is easy and fun to play and that's why I think this game is closer to those old classics.

And yes, the game is free!

Distant Galaxies


Distant Galaxies 1.2

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